Midnight’s Children (Book Two, Part 3)

Comment here for pages 272-336.  Our prompt for today–what questions do you have about anything we’ve read so far?  What’s been most confusing, either specifically or generally?

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11 Responses to “Midnight’s Children (Book Two, Part 3)”

  1. mhealy101 says:

    I dont have any specific questions as of right now BUT I do get confused with the names. Although I am half way through the book I still find myself looking back at my chart of names to remember who is who. A lot of the names are similiar and this makes it confusing for me.

  2. jkauffman says:

    What was confusing me the most was the fact that there are so many characters and now that it turns out that Saleem was switched at birth with Shiva has made it that much more confusing to me.

  3. I agree with my peers about who is who in the novel. Im a little confused why Saleem’s family moved to Pakistan for four years. Also, this struggle between India and Pakistan started from? Territory, language, religion Im not realy sure. The jumping back and forth through time is still tough to grasp these time warps are to cover Saleem’s tracks because he is trying to not miss a detail.

  4. Jamie Rohr says:

    I also think that the amount of characters and their names are throwing me off a bit and making it a little bit harder for me to keep track. I wish I could say something more intense but I have to start at the most basic and acknowledge that the role of each character and their essence of what they bring to the story, I have yet to grasp.

  5. marissae17 says:

    I know this may seen a little vague, but I’m still a little confused about Padma and Saleem’s relationship. I’m not sure if they’ve lovers, or friends or at some points if they’re married? Throughout most of the novel, I get the feeling that they are friends. However, at the bottom of 309 when Saleem is talking about Padma’s body as if it is a shrine while she is listening to the story gives me the feeling that she has stronger feelings for her than she does for him.

  6. Zasha Lucas says:

    What has been confusing about this book is mostly the characters. There are many main characters in this book compared to others I have read and it is hard to remember who they are related to or what part they play.

  7. khaff88 says:

    The entire chapter of ‘Revelation’ is just a big pot full of people who are all (I guess) related or connected to Hanif. I feel like this chapter should have been split, to have the conflict with Pia and Reverend Mother and then Mary finally admit she switched Shiva and Saleem should in one chapter is a lot to handle. This kind of Jerry Springer drama should be taken in small doses.

  8. nmulet says:

    What confused me in this section was why Saleem chose to write the way he did. In the beginning of this reading assignment (The Kolynos Kid), he started writing in the third person. I don’t really remember him doing that before. And I was curious why, especially b/c he would jump from third person to first. I would think it would be all third or all first. And the other part that confused me, narratively, was why he felt the need to include, at length, the headlines he cut up to make his note. I mean I know he loves his details, but c’mon. The only possible explanation I might give is that it was to add historical context to this chapter. But I really felt it was unnecessary. Just tell us what the note said!

  9. gvelella says:

    One of the many things I do not understand is how old Saleem is in these chapters. Is he old enough to hit on Pia in this flashback? Also, I don’t know who is and who isn’t related anymore either.

  10. GordonWTam says:

    I think the most confusing thing so far has been the crazy family tree we’ve got going on. Sometimes I’m unaware of whose related to who, and maybe that’s what Rushdie wanted. Everyone to kind of meld together in India or something. Either way, sometimes I get lost with the family relations. Also because it’s one of the few things Saleem doesn’t specify.

  11. cbergmann says:

    I am generally confused with the beginning of “Revelations”. I have no idea what pages 306-307 are trying to convey. Pages 308-309 more or less clear up my confusion, but I am still unsure. What happened to Saleem’s childhood friend? How did he all of a sudden become some huge religious figure? Also who is “Lord Khusro”? Saleem states, “It should have been me” (309). Why does Saleem care?